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Below are links to, and some brief information about, other sites which may be interest you (as a visitor to the Act Two site). If you find a link which has become broken, or you can suggest any other links we should add, then please
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Links to UK government and quasi-government sites
  1. Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA)
    DVSA is an Executive Agency of DfT (the Department for Transport). DVSA's responsibilities include all driving tests (theory and practical) for obtaining all categories of driving licence within Great Britain; testing and supervising Approved Driving Instructors; and supervising Compulsory Basic Training for motorcyclists.

  2. Parliamentary Advisory Council for Transport Safety
    PACTS is a registered charity and an associate Parliamentary Group. Its objective is "To promote transport safety legislation to protect human life", and its aim is to advise the law makers on air, rail and road safety issues. Highly regarded within the UK road safety scene.

    Excellent site, with up-to-date news on parliamentary and other safety transport matters, includes a search engine.

  3. The government's road safety portal

  4. Transport Research Laboratory (TRL)
    TRL (previously known as TRRL, the Transport Road Research Laboratory) is internationally recognised for its transport research, and first class test facilities.

Links to other sites
  1. AIRSO
    A prestigious membership association for those involved in road safety.

  2. Brake
    A vigorous, non-profit road safety organisation, aiming to stop death and injury on roads. Brake researches and produces information about how to use roads safely, including posters, leaflets and videos. Organises National Road Safety Week.

  3. British Horse Society
    BHS promote horse and rider safety, including the education of motorists and riders.

  4. Child Car Seats
    RoSPA run this well set out and comprehensive site advising on the purchase, fitting and use of all forms of child car restraints.

  5. Guild of Experienced Motorists
    GEM started in 1932 as the Company of Veteran Motorists.

  6. IAM RoadSmart
    Previously known as the Institute of Advanced Motorists, Useful if you want to become an advanced driver or rider, avoiding professional training fees.

  7. Institute of Master Tutors of Driving
    IMTD was founded in 1957 as an independent non-profit body of elite professional UK driving instructors. It is concerned with road safety and driver education. Membership is by invitation only.

  8. Prince Michael International Road Safety Awards
    Includes how to nominate someone for an award.

  9. Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA)
    Lots of information.

  10. UK Motoring Directory
    Described on its home page as "A free one-stop directory of the British Motoring world. Join over 5000 visitors a day!".

  11. Drink driving in the USA
    By special request from Laura and Becca.

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