News from the Government


Very roughly once a month, we prepare an article summarising, and sometimes commenting on, recent government press notices related (sometimes loosely) to driving; and reproduce verbatim some relevant extracts from Hansard (the official daily record of Parliamentary proceedings). This practice started in about 1990 in order to contribute a regular monthly article to the newsletter of Birmingham Advanced Motorists.

The articles typically run to a couple of A4 pages, or so, and can make useful material for newsletter editors generally. They may also help you keep a little more up to date with developments in the driving world.

The various articles are available here to download and use (or not) as you wish (in whole or in part, edited or not) with no need to acknowledge Act Two as the source. We aim (but do not promise) to add a new monthly article about a week after the end of each month (though this had varied considerably over the years).


Our preferred sources for the material which is used in these articles are:
Downloadable articles

For a list of these downloadable articles, click here. This will list folders by date order. Each folder contains the article, in various formats, for that date.

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