Act Three

Who are Act Three?

Act Two own a book shop, which we call Act Three. This specializes in the sale of books and videos about driving, and can offer discounts on bulk purchases of the more common titles. Please contact us for details.

Out of print driving books

We have a small supply of driving books which are out of print. If you are a collector, this list may plug some of more recent gaps in your collection. Prices shown below illustrative (they are for single copies, and exclude postage and packaging). The minimum charge for anything sent by post is 3.

The list is not exhaustive, and will be expanded as time permits.

0-11-552290-5The Highway CodeTSO199911th20031.4925
0-11-552290-5The Highway CodeTSO199910th02/031.4925
0-11-552290-5The Highway CodeTSO19999th9/021.4922
0-11-552290-5The Highway CodeTSO19998th03/021.4922
0-11-551843-6The Highway CodeHMSO1996New7/960.99121
0-11-550962-3The Highway CodeHMSO19935th5/940.9914
0-11-550962-3The Highway CodeHMSO19932nd3/930.9923
0-11-550962-3The Highway CodeHMSO19931st1/930.9921
0-11-550785-XThe Highway CodeHMSO198710th1/920.7514
0-11-550785-XThe Highway CodeHMSO19879th10/910.7514
0-11-550785-XThe Highway CodeHMSO19878th3/910.7512
0-11-550785-XThe Highway CodeHMSO19877th6/900.6012
0-11-550866-XKnow Your Traffic SignsHMSO19894th1/921.40213
0-11-550866-XKnow Your Traffic SignsHMSO19893rd3/911.3031
0-11-550866-XKnow Your Traffic SignsHMSO19892nd12/891.2025
0-11-552191-7The Official Driving ManualTSO19991st?6/9912.99102
0-11-551054-0The Driving ManualHMSO19921st?19928.5061
0-11-550355-2Driving: The Department of Transport ManualHMSO197914th3/914.9574
0-11-550355-2Driving: The Department of Transport ManualHMSO1979?7/812.9551
0-11-340721-1Roadcraft: The Police Drivers' ManualHMSO197716th9/933.7548
0-11-340721-1Roadcraft: The Police Drivers' ManualHMSO197715th5/923.5061
0-11-340149-3Motorcycle Roadcraft: The Police Rider's HandbookTSO197814th7/923.2547

Book conditions range from new or good (mostly) down to used. Prices reflect age, condition and availability. Books in the best condition are shipped in preference, on a first come, first served, basis. Books may be inspected at our office premises (where a small number, in the worst condition, are available, singly, free of charge).

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